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Who makes the best climbing harness?

In October 2015, we set out to answer a question. Just who makes the best climbing harness?

As an arborist you rely on them everyday. So why do you choose a particular piece of kit over another? Is it comfort, or utility? You’re wearing it all day, everyday. We figured our followers were best equipped to answer the question, so we launched a competition.

The deal. Tell us what you love about your harness and be in with a chance of winning it. So which harness came out on top?

The competition was won by Kieran Rookard who voted for the TreeMOTION harness, along with 55% of our entrants.  It rates highly in terms of comfort and many of you told us that you are on your second or third harness. Seems like Teufelberger are on to a good thing with this one!

Published by Matt Gurney

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