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Tree Bear is going to the Fair!

The Tree Bear team are very passionate about getting fresh blood in to the arb industry. We believe that without commitment by employers to Apprenticeships the industry will reach a point where there are more people retiring than joining, which will have two effects:

1) There will be less people to do the very necessary work

2) There will be less experienced people to train, coach and mentor the new starters

Both effects are massive and we must do our bit to prevent it.

The Tree Bear bit, is to provide the very necessary link between those that have jobs, and those that want jobs.

In March, the Tree Bear team are going to careers fairs at Reaseheath College in Cheshire (10th) and Capel Manor in Enfield (16th). Both events are anticipating over 1000 students through the doors and our aim in to provide as many of them as possible with a career path.

Tree Bear regulars will know that we advertise apprentice positions for FREE! We will be taking our Job Board to the events so if you get your adverts posted before the 10th, your job will come with us too!


Published by Alex Gurney

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